Origami-crete is a product of Newbold Architectural concrete. Each concrete tile is hand made in Austin, Texas by a team with years of concrete experience. 

The ride all started one snowy holiday season, watching a documentary entitled Between the Folds. This led to a fascinations with the styles and techniques of some of the modern origami artists. 

These techniques formed our method. 

Each design started with a paper shape, then a bent piece of plastic. The thick plastic must be scored precisely just deep enough that the sheet will bend away from the score, but not so deep that the plastic will tear. The process is then duplicated on the other side, to created the folds that bend the other way. 


From the bent plastic, a test piece is made, to see how light will interplay with the piece. Then a master, from which forms are fabricated. Only then, can we cast Origami-crete. 

The effort is led by John Newbold-Knipp, with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Rutgers University and 15 years in construction.