Origami-Crete FAQs


Talking to architects and designers every day gives us so many great ideas and illuminates many questions. The most common questions are about installation and application. We’ve tackled them below. If you’ve got another question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


What is Origami-crete made of?

Concrete, which is a composite made of Portland cement, sand and water, along with a pozzolan and some additives. The larger tile designs also contain some glass and polyethylene fibers to improve stability.


How much do the tiles weigh?

With a nominal thickness of ⅝”, origami-crete tiles weigh approximately 7lb per square foot. This is very similar to the weight of ½” thick stone tile.


How do you install Origami-crete?

The tiles can be cut with a standard tile wet saw and sets in either mastic or a flexible latex-modified thinset mortar. There is no specialized tooling, material or training required. Any experienced tile setter should be able to install Origami-crete.


Is Origami-crete good for outdoor use?

We are in the process of freeze-thaw testing the tiles, but they have not yet been rated for exterior use.


Does Origami-crete have helpful acoustic properties?

Like any textured material, the tiles may have a sound shaping effect. However, they have not been designed for nor tested for specific acoustic outcomes.


Can you match custom colors?

We currently offer 10 color options. Although it is possible to factory die additional colors, the best way to achieve a custom color may be to paint the tiles in the field. Please contact us if you would like to discuss custom color options for very large projects.


Can you make custom tiles?

Yes, a custom tile design is possible. However, it is a long and laborious process. We should evaluate your new design for manufacturability and cost. Please contact us via the sample request form, including details about your custom tile and we will set a time to discuss your concept and project scope.


What sort of grout lines do you recommend?

Many of the designs, primarily Nami and Wedge, can be installed without grout. However, the larger tiles, like Dune, should have ⅛” or greater grout lines. Due to size variation, Ake is best installed with 1/16” grout lines.


How much does Origami-crete cost per square foot?

Origami-crete runs approximately $30/square foot for materials only. Adding color or factory pre-sealing costs a few dollars more. A full price sheet can be downloaded here. Shipping is charged separately.

Installation costs vary based on local markets with most tile installers ranging from $7-$12/square foot.  Talk with your general contractor for accurate estimates in your project’s location.