Origami-crete tile are available in both White and Natural gray concrete

Additional colors, achieved using concrete stain,  are applied at the factory. our goal with these factory applied stains is minimal color variation. However, the nature of concrete dictates that each tile will be slightly different. This is part of the beauty of a handcrafted product and should be expected. To avoid startling color patterns, it is highly recommended that tile from different cases be randomized throughout an installation, for a truly randomized variation. 

For the ultimate in personalization, Origami-crete tiles can be purchased unsealed, which enables a local artist to stain them using their own materials and techniques, resulting in a truly original design. 




This option saves cost for those installations that do not require sealer. This is also the best choice if you want to have maximum control of color and finish. 

Low sheen sealed

We use a penetrating acrylic sealer, which maintains the natural, low sheen look of natural concrete, while limiting the amount of moisture it absorbs. 

If you are using sealed origami-crete as a backsplash, care should still be taken to immediately remove strong staining food spatters, like wine or tomato sauce. 

Gloss sealed

This is the best option for food areas, since we seal with a glossy solvent based acrylic. The result has a look similar to glazed ceramic tile.